Review on The Satoshi Project *In Honor* of BitCoin Founder

Funding the Project

To complete the goals of the Satoshi Project will require funding and you can get rewarded in bitcoin or VP$ if you contribute, or if you refer anyone who contributes to the Satoshi Project. The contributions will be used:

   to pay for programming the conversion to crypt o-currency
   to promote the growth of VirtaPay
   to help raise awareness of crypt o-currencies
   to invest in promising crypt o-currencies

Your contributions can have a lasting impact, and may help raise the value of your VirtaPay holdings both before and after the conversion to crypt o-currency.
with our 120% Payouts and 1% Bonuses.

You are guaranteed a 120% payout in either bitcoins or VP$, for every contribution you make. First, your contribution will be added to the current contribution round. After a contribution round is fully funded, and then reaches maturity (completing the goals of that round), then all payouts for that round will be sent.

Whether or not you choose to contribute, you can earn a 1% bonus, paid in bitcoins or VP$, for referring new contributors to the project. In fact, if you have ever referred someone using your referral link, then you already have referrals for the Satoshi Project!

We plan to accept less than 100 contribution rounds before the project is fully funded. Each round will have strict limits for both contribution size and the number of contributors allowed. The rounds will start small, but eventually, we will allow larger contributions and more contributors as the Satoshi Project progresses.
Two Free Bitcoins.

Glen :-)

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