Click here at 3pm EST, you won't even believe... this story is going to end.
We have a little prep time, and I wanted to send you an email,  and get you ready to click here at exactly 3pm EST ---
so you  can see how this story ends for yourself.
Click on this special link at 3pm EST.
By now you realize that this is something different.
Dave Sharpe and I wanted to 'over deliver' on entertainment, value, AND...
...over deliver on the product, too.
The fact is, The Blog Beast (as entertaining as the title may be...)'s a project that costed over $3 million---just to develop, over the last year.
And this video series costed near $500,000.
And by now you know that you're getting into something that... just different.
A couple of things you can do now to get the most value from watching this video, and making a new decision today.
1.  At 3pm EST, click here.  Make sure you have a cup of coffee, and are relaxed, and ready to make a decision.
2.  Get your credit card out, and just set it on the table.  There's a good reason  you'll want to be one of the first people who order - we'll explain why on this page.
3.  If you haven't seen it yet, you still have a chance to see David Sharpe's  hilarious rap video.
You can't even tell he's white when you click here now.
4.  Make sure to refresh the page at 3pm EST --- to make sure you're on the right video.
This is... epic.
Be sure to tell me what you think of my performance in the comments.
:)   he he he.
-David Wood
"Master of the Universe"  

P.S.  All things considered, I AM looking for some folks to mentor.
David Sharpe and I actually do work personally with our team---and we have created more success than anyone online that I know,  because...
...really, what we're doing is different.
When you go to this special link at 3pm EST...'ll have the opportunity to pull out your credit card, buy on the spot, and make a decision to be a part of our exclusive inner circle.
***Disclaimer:  Click here to see average earnings.

Glen :-)

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