Sneaky Way To INCREASE Youtube Views

I'm a huge proponent of YouTube marketing as you all know.

Trouble is getting momentum for your videos. It's a story played
out again and again. Hopeful marketer uploads a video and then
watches it languish in obscurity.

It's simply too competitive and getting more competitive by the
day. (30,000 hours of video uploaded every single day to YouTube!!)
You need every advantage you can get.



I've found one. I use a YouTube SEO service that quickly gives my
videos a jump-start so I can reach first page search results for
whatever niche I'm marketing to and, from there, once at the top, I
can collect free, organic traffic that just keeping coming and



YouTube works exactly like Google. They rank videos based on
popularity. The more video views, positive like ratings, comments,
subscribers, channel views, etc, the higher you rank on YouTube's
search results.

It's that simple.

This service uses no BOTS (which is a violation of YouTube's Terms
of Service). It's sends 100% real human traffic and, therefore, is
100% LEGAL. The creator, Kay Orr, has spent a year setting up the
service and it's, quite frankly, one of the MOST EFFECTIVE TOOLS
I've ever used. I'm blown away by how well it works.

Packages work the best. They have full-packages and mini-packages.
Select whatever package your marketing budget allows.


One word of caution, it's very, very important to properly
keyword program your videos. Without a keyword relevant title
and description you're not doing yourself any good.

Also, do your research. Type in a key phrase you're interested in
competing for on YouTube.

How many views, likes, etc do the top videos have? Say the top video
has 10,000 views and 50 positive likes. To outrank that video, you
should go for 20,000 views and 100 positive likes.

It's simple math.

That about covers it. If you're serious about YouTube marketing and
giving yourself a big advantage, check out this tool. You will not
be disappointed.



Glen Brink

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