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- Thursday, September 09, 2010
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Zero Net Worth? Grab This Millionaire Bootcamp Video.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

So, let's cut right to the bottom line: what's
your net worth? Is there anything there? Let's
look at some hard, cold facts.

Right now, there are between 3.5-4 billion
people on earth. Of these, only about 77,000
are millionaires, according to an institute that
studies the subject.

These 77,000 people control 1/4 of the world's
wealth. The remaining nearly 4 billion people
get the rest, leaving most with a pittance, or
less. If you're looking at zero net worth, you're
one of these poor people. What's more, you are daily
at risk.

So, what can you do about it?

You can learn how to become a millionaire, that's
what, grow your income and your overall assets
to become one of the 77,000 people who own and
control so much of the world.

Problem is, where do you get the millionaire
and net worth education you need? It isn't
available in school. And as for finding a
millionaire mentor, forget that! Where would
you look and why would they (already so
successful) want to help you, one of the world's
'have nots'? It's a very difficult problem to solve.
At least until now.

Meet and Self-Made Multi-
Millionaire George Kosch

You probably already know about
They're one of the best-known, most innovative
online companies. Since 1994 they've helped literally
thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs with
domain hosting, custom website design, and a line
of low-cost, easy-to-use, no-software-to-download
video services.

After their brilliant Chief Technology Officer
George Kosch invented these cutting-edge video
services, he turned his attention to the state
of online wealth education. Who, he wanted to
know, was using the incredible new training
technology to help people, including people
who want to work online at home, move up to wealth?
After a prolonged search of the net, he found
his answer: no one! That's when he created's Millionaire Bootcamp.

The Millionaire Bootcamp Focuses On Making You
Rich. 100% Of Its Graduates Profit Online.

There's no confusion about the goal of the
Millionaire Bootcamp. It focuses on making
you rich by profiting online. Its goal is
increasing your immediate income and long-
term net worth.

Twice weekly Instructor George Kosch delivers
live online presentations giving you the wealth-
building information you need. Can't attend?
No problem! These presentations are recorded for
instant 24/7 access by anyone worldwide. All
you need is an Internet connection.

What's great about the Millionaire Bootcamp
(I know, I never miss a session) is the high
quality and usefulness of the information. NO fluff.
Even more important is the fact that you not only
learn what to do; you get direct, personal help
as you go out and implement what you've learned.
Thus, even before you graduate from the course
you're already making money. This continues when
you graduate. It's important to know that 100%
of graduates profit online, every single one!

Request Your Free Millionaire Bootcamp Video Now.
Start Growing The Significant Net Worth You Need.

The Millionaire Bootcamp is the world's first
and only professional course focusing on making
you rich, turning you into a millionaire. To get
all the details and to get into the Millionaire
Bootcamp today, just register here.
Get started today.

Glen Brink, Worldprofit Dealer/Consultant

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