Get Ready For The Rich 16-Year-Old's New Millionaire System

You know, I'm always looking around for great quality programs that might
be a way to earn a bit more cash and I'm sick to death of running into the
same old stuff day after day.

Doesn't it seem like everybody is out to sell get rich quick schemes on the
Net? Most of the so-called programs I've seen lately are just a rehash of
everyone else's plan … until now.


This brand new 2-volume set will change the affiliate marketing forever. The
Rich 16-Year-Old finally exposes the truth about making real money online as
an affiliate marketer … giving you the formula she's used to go from dead broke
loser teen to Internet Millionaire Sensation!


Here's what I like about this system: Carol Nguyen is just 16, but she's not
afraid to tell the truth! You'll find out how to drive solid, targeted free
traffic, and the set of proven formula to copy and paste and catapult yourself
to the ranks of the elite lazy super affiliates.


How? She's developed...

*A point based system for determining whether a digital product is worth your
time as an affiliate – stop deciding by looking at the "gravity" of a product on
*A method to tell when to keep a PPC campaign going and when to walk away – and
it isn't after you've spent every last dime in your bank account!
*The best way to sidestep the biggest challenge to being a successful affiliate
marketer – it isn't lack of money that tanks some affiliates, it's this overlooked item
*The magic 45 – This is a point system to evaluate and analyze what products would
be worthwhile for you to sell as an affiliate – a product needs to score 45 out of
66 points to merit your attention
*Find out exactly how many sales you'll need out of this many clicks in your PPC
campaign to make it profitable
*What's the quit level in a PPC campaign? Most marketers will give you a dollar range
to look at but the Rich 16-Year-Old actually tells you when you should stop trying to
sell a product
*A 4-step formula for determining the maximum amount per click is ingenious … and so
simple the big boys even miss it!
*How to breakthrough the Adwords ad writing block – this isn't a template, just a way
for you to quickly write solid ads every time
*The 4 surefire ways you can use to drive targeted buyers to the products you're selling
without using PPC!
*Why you don't want to use the free version of Wordpress for your blogging platform and
the 70% rule of blogging – violate these and you could be losing traffic by the click
load (page 17)
*How to effectively divide and conquer in your article marketing strategy
*The 5 Twitter business strategy tips that will put you ahead of the pack (page 85)
*The 9 steps that will make or break your PPC campaigns … it's the difference between
making money or giving it all to Google!
It's really exciting to be at the start of something new and I wanted to make sure you
had the same chance I did. Go to the link below to check out this ground-breaking
system from the Rich 16-Year-Old:


In Success,

Glen Brink

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