How To Plan Your Traffic Generation Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when trying to drive
traffic to their website is a failure to plan.

As a business owner your number one task and responsibility is to
plan your business. Experts recommend spending at least 25% of your
time planning. Everything from your finances to your traffic
generation strategy should be planned. Here’s what to consider
when planning your traffic generation strategy:

#1 What are your traffic goals?
#2 What tools are you going to use to achieve those goals?
#3 What is your budget?
#4 What goals do you have for each traffic generation tool and how are you
going to achieve them?
#5 How are your testing and tracking results?
#6 How do all your tools and traffic generation tactics work together?
#7 How often will you reassess, analyze, and plan your strategy?


Your plan may not be linear. It could be a mindmap, a flowchart, or a
simple free form paragraph. There isn’t a right or wrong way to plan,
what is important is that you do it. Having a plan will make sure you
don’t miss a step, make mistakes, or skip over a potentially lucrative
and effective traffic generation strategy.

Need help creating your website traffic plan?


Website Traffic Explosion helps you do more than plan your traffic
generation strategy, this report offers valuable, and proven, tactics
to help you succeed above and beyond your traffic generation goals.


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