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Sunday, June 28, 2009

How I Get More Traffic From This Newly-Tapped (And FREE) Source

How I Get More Traffic From This Newly-Tapped (And FREE) Source Than Most Big Spenders Blow-Through In Their Paid Accounts!

Best of all, this is targeted traffic, the kind that turns into S-A-L-E-S! Better get a piece of yours before this Wild West rail moves on for good

From: Glen Brink and John "Ritz" Ritskowitz
Re: I Don't Want Just More Twitter Followers. I Want MORE SALES!

Dear Fellow Online Marketer,

A lot of folks will try to sell you on getting more followers with Twitter.

More followers, they say, equals a bigger list.

But does it really?

See, I have a different approach. I don't care about the number of followers I have. I care about the targeted traffic I receive from Twitter.

Targeted traffic = sales, and I have the stats to prove it.

Put another way: A few hundred followers who are passionate about my niche are light years better than hundreds of thousands who could care less.

I could probably get thousands of Britney Spears' followers to follow me, but what will that get me? Do you think they're going to want to network with me or visit my blog or buy my products and services?

Probably not.

This is a case where quality definitely trumps quantity.

And where you choose to focus your efforts makes all the difference.

Why Twitter? Well, it just happens to be a very effective way of generated pre-qualified free website traffic. If you do it correctly.

In fact, I made just a few changes to my Twitter account and my blog less than a month ago, and look what's happened since:

Mostly I just applied some tried and true direct response techniques, that I already know work, to Twitter and my blog.

In fact...

Getting Followers On Twitter
Was The Easy Part!

Converting them to sales wasn't as simple. But it's definitely doable.

I want to show you what I did that got me free targeted traffic and more sales from these few tweaks that I made (it has nothing to do with "mass following" or anything like that).

I put everything I did into a series of videos. They're full of meat, and they show you exactly how you can do the same thing I did to get results like this.

But First, A Warning...

If you're just looking to gain more followers on Twitter, you'll get that here, but you won't be pleased with the results. I'll wager you'll do a LOT better with the targeted traffic and SALES that these followers will bring you. But you need to know how to get the right people to follow you.

These videos show the EXACT steps I've done in the last 3 weeks to get massive targeted traffic to my blog, and more importantly, sales!

What did I do? Absolutely NOTHING!

That's the viral element taking over. Your followers will keep things going for you, even when you're not there!

I hope you see the power of this potential. Even MLM can't match this for sheer numbers reached with their "pyramid" structure. After all, there's absolutely NO pyramid of any kind here!

No, this is MUCH more powerful.

There's plenty more that I want to show you.

I will admit, however, that it will take an hour or two to set everything up, then 10 minutes or so each day, depending on how much you want to gain using these methods.

I know that once you've put them to the test in your own campaigns, they'll work for you too.

John Ritskowitz
Editor & Publisher
Twitter Traffic Swarm

Here, I'm showing you what I did, so 60 days is like an eternity for Twitter. Give it a try for yourself.

The window of opportunity for you is NOW. It's going to become much harder to achieve these same results very soon.

You know, right now the average person is exposed to about 3,000 advertising messages a day, according to Michael Brower, PhD, and Warren Leon, PhD, in their article Practical Advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Even estimates on the low end put the number at closer to 1,000.

But my point is this: How many of those thousand ads do YOU recall? I'll wager maybe only a handful, if that.

Yours in profit,

Glen Brink and John "Ritz" Ritskowitz


Friday, June 26, 2009

Are you watching by the sidelines as the A-list bloggers make all the money?


From the Desk of Glen Brink
RE: Becoming a Millionaire Blogger

Dear Blogger,

Are you struggling to make a decent living online?

If you are, what you're about to read on this page will forever shatter your pre-conceived notions about what it really takes to make money from your blog.

MYTH #1 - Advertising is A Great Way To Make Money

The brutal fact is, unless you can somehow get millions of pageviews and a few hundred thousand visitors a month, no one will even think about spending advertising dollars on your blog!

MYTH #2 - Write Good Content and The Money Will Come

The truth is, no matter how well you write you'll never make money online unless (I'll get to that in a while)..

Myth #3 - Get Massive Traffic and You'll Make Lots of Money

If you get traffic you will eventually make some money on the Internet. But the fact is, 95% of people who read your blog today will never come back. That literally mean you're just making a meager 5% of what you could really be making, if only you knew the secret..

So what is the REAL secret to getting rich from all your blogging efforts?

Millionaire Bloggers Focus on Just Thing - Building a Bigger Subscriber List!

It's true..

If you look at the bloggers who really make a killing online from their blogs, they all focus on just one thing - building a massive subscriber list via RSS or email.

Nothing else really matters!

Unless you know how to get one-time readers to surrender their names and email addresses - or get them to subscribe to your RSS feed - you will be in the same league as the A-list bloggers.

But, just putting up your FeedBurner RSS feed or FeedBurner email subscription form just isn't enough anymore. There's way too much "noise" on the Internet right now, as every day thousands of new blogs are created.

You need to step up your marketing efforts, and start building a subscriber list aggressively using the latest marketing tools and tactics - just like the millionaire bloggers do.

With RSS to Email I will reveal secret tactics that only a handful of bloggers use to make a six-figure income on the Internet - RSS to Email!

We're completely confident that you'll be satisfied with RSS to Email Videos.

You owe it to yourself to make things happen!


box small


Glen Brink

P/S: We reserve the right to remove this incredible offer any time we want. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, I highly recommend that you secure your copy right now.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Read The Cut-Throat Moneymaking Manual That Myspace Tried To Ban

Finally someone reveals online moneymaking techniques that get you into profit from day one...

The Techniques & Strategies I Reveal In This Guide Are So Effective That Myspace Tried To Ban Me From Revealing Them To The Public!

"The Space-Invader"

Dear online marketer...

yspace marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money on the whole internet. If you didn't already know that, you're about to get a crash course...

Myspace can easily supply you with all the traffic you need for just about any niche.

You have heard of Myspace right? Everyone has. It's huge. There are hundreds of millions of members, and more joining each day. Most people have no idea how easy it is to make a ton of money from though.

The Perfect Solution For A Struggling Newbie Marketer

Before I knew it I was making regular commissions and affiliate sales...I got my first ever commission check through the mail due to Myspace.

You see, the marketing guides, every single one that I read, were just full of junk. Useless junk. So full of filler that it wasn't funny. And even the actual techniques they were teaching were so lame they would barely work. I mean you could literally get better information for free from just about any marketing forum online...

I guess people were just churning them out quickly because Myspace was the hot thing at the time...

And that got me thinking...all around I was hearing people saying how tough it is to market on Myspace. I'm hearing things about the Myspace Police, closed accounts, blocked IPs and you name it, when the whole time I was raking in commissions every day from my own techniques I developed myself.

I'm basically an honest guy, and I really wasn't too happy with the way that the other everyday honest folk like me were being taken for a ride with all the second rate information out there. It really bothered me, until one day I decided to put together my own guide.

I decided to forget about all the tired, crappy guides out there telling you to do all the same old recycled junky things, and instead put down every single technique that I'd learned and developed myself.

In short, I opened up and gave away every single piece of Myspace marketing gold that I use every day to make those fat checks.

And that's what you're looking at today...

The Space Invader's Handbook

The Space Invader's Handbook is just about the most definitive guide to Myspace marketing around. That's why John Connor, owner of BotTower.com (creator of the leading Myspace Bot Spacestation) had this to say about it...

This Guide Is So Devastatingly Effective That Myspace Threatened To Take Me To Court Over It!
  • How to get to the $100-$200 per day profit level within just a few days

  • The secret to expanding your profits by automating the friend adding process

  • Why smart users can fill even a brand new Myspace account with thousands of friends within a day.

  • The 6 best methods to start making regular money from Myspace as fast as possible.

  • Easy things to promote to make some quick cash...if you've already got a Myspace account you can cash in on this within minutes...

  • How to use Myspace to funnel tons of visitors to your website...whatever your niche

  • How to fill a Myspace account with thousands of friends in just hours and make money from them immediately...you can use this technique to have even a brand new domain making money within 12 hours

The day job is usually the first thing to go. Firing your boss is SWEET. It's something you'll never forget.

That's what I'm giving you here...how you make the money isn't important, that's just details...the important part is that you're getting the power to take control of your LIFE for good.

Think About This:

If you can master the income secrets in this ebook even just a tiny amount, you'll never have to worry about recessions or anything else like that ever again.

How safe is your job in the current economy? Big companies are closing left and right. Home Depot has cut 7,000 jobs. Sprint Nextel has cut 8,000 jobs. Caterpillar have cut 20,000 jobs. Even Starbucks, one of the greatest business successes of all time is cutting 3000 jobs.

Regular Joe's like us are getting cut all the time. How would that effect you?

This thing is a goldmine, it's just that most people don't have the right tools to mine it.

Well congratulations, you just found those tools, and they'll make you rich if that's what you want...

This is cut throat stuff. Grey hat, black hat, call it whatever color you want...I just call it profitable. Ridiculously profitable.

But if you want a copy, you better act right now...

I took this off the market once before after Myspace threatened me with legal action, so I can only keep these doors open for a very limited time...this page may literally close at any moment, so hit the order button below to get your copy right now.


To your success,

The Space Invader

P.S.- You've probably tried a few online money making ideas by now – maybe you've even lost some cash on lame ebooks and poor ideas. Isn't it about time you tried the one thing that's super accessible for marketers of all levels?

P.P.S.- Right now your life has two possible futures...one where you get up at 7am for work tomorrow and go through the same old stuff. The only thing that changes is your shirt. But the other is where you buy this manual and start making some real money. Quitting that job. Working when you want. Spending some quality time with the people you love. Doesn't that sound better?

P.P.P.S.- Look, I'm going to reveal one of the big secrets the gurus never tell: Even the best wealth creation manuals just don't work for some people. They don't have the time, don't make the effort, whatever. But I've given you a no strings guarantee, so what have you go to lose by trying this one out?



Sunday, June 21, 2009

What the Underground Secret Twitter Manifesto is going to do for YOU!

Discover How To Tap Into One Of The Most Powerful Viral Traffic Machines Online And Make More Money Than You Ever Imagined Using Twitter Marketing Secrets To Ethically Get Free Targeted Traffic On Auto-Pilot!

My Simple Results Producing Methods and Proven System Will Make You More Money Generate Swarms of Pre-Qualified Targeted Twitter Traffic To YOUR Site And Give You The Power To Quickly Get Thousands Of Followers Right Here Right Now!

Dear Visitor,

Are you trying to master the finer aspects of several social networking sites that take too much time, too much experience and too much ridiculous trial and error?

There is a solution to all these irritating questions that all of us as Internet marketers have to deal with every single day whether we like it or not.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you probably know that just about everyone involved in the Internet marketing community and the Warrior Forum have been talking about how they are involved with using Twitter in some way and or asking questions on how to use Twitter, whats Twitter, how does Twitter monetize their site, etc.

Twitter Is NOT A Fad Twitter Has Become A New Revolution In The Way We Do Business Online!

If you are NOT a part of this Twitter REVOLUTION you are going to miss out big time.

Right now is the time to get involved -- or increase your activity.

Twitter is the new revolution of social networking, online communications, mobile communications and has quickly filled in the missing gaps where others fell short.

Take a look at the fastest growing social networking sites as reported by Nielsen and you will see that Twitter is #1

Top Rank

(by Sept. YOY UA growth) 10 Fastest Growing
Social Networking Sites: Sept. 2008 Sept. 2007:
Unique Audience (in 000s) Sept. 2008:
Unique Audience (in 000s) % Growth: Year Over Year

1 Twitter.com 533* 2,359 343%
2 Tagged.com 898 3,857 330%
3 Ning 842* 2,955 251%

The Twitter platform is being proven to be a revolutionary new system to help build your business to new heights

Twitter Is All About Being Transparent And Showing Whats Going On Behind The Curtain Of Your Life While Getting People Interested In YOUR Business

Knowing how to be transparent while building your business under the radar is vital and is really the golden key to your success using Twitter.

Some are simply addicted to Twitter and are not really being productive and there is a fine line between entertainment and making money online.

Lets face the facts Some people are simply obsessed with Twitter and this is great news for those of use who know how to do things the right way

Twitter is a new free revolutionary service that allows you to instantly communicate with your Followers in a really simple dynamic way that gets your Followers coming back for more.

The beautiful part is that your Followers are easy to find on Twitter and rush over to your website like swarms of bees when you know how to use it properly. Use Twitter the wrong way and you'll get stung by these swarms faster than you can imagine.

Only 5% Of People Using Twitter Have Any Marketing Skills At All And Have A Clear Formula To Follow...

Generating a consistent steady stream of traffic without constantly wasting time and loosing your focus is a major problem with Twitter users!

Do you want a steady stream of endless traffic and income using the methods I've developed?

Do you want to blow by other Twitter marketers quickly without wasting valuable time?

You dont have to waste your valuable time making stupid mistakes with Twitter because other marketers have already paved the way on how NOT to use Twitter

Using my proven Underground Secret Twitter Manifesto system gives you the ultimate flexibility to gain much needed quality targeted traffic and visibility to make cash quickly while others struggle

Using my simple step-by step easy to follow blueprint for Twitter marketing is a true no-brainer and can be used by anyone anytime you want to get traffic.

Here are just a few of the powerful benefits you will discover using my Underground Secret Twitter Manifesto Exposed?

  • How Can Twitter Help Expand My Business and How Does Twitter Work For Making Money Online? The insider secrets that only 5% of all Twitter users know to literally dominate your niche...
  • Red Flags You Need To Consider Immediately Before You End Up Wasting Hundreds Of Precious Hours Using Twitter And End Up With An Addiction!
  • Don't spend hundreds of hours of your life with Twitter Marketing struggling to see what works through trial and error. Use these strategies to create a rabid following
  • You Need To Know These 5 Basic Tips If You Are A Twitter Newbie To Avoid Wasting Valuable Time Avoid the deadly mistakes most make with Twitter
  • How To Use Twitter To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Blog And Provide Valuable Targeted Content For Your Followers Follow These Guidelines To Insure Maximum Profits - Don't follow this and you're simply wasting YOUR time!
  • How To Set Up Your Twitter Account Properly For YOUR Niche And Generate More Followers Discover the vital secret tactics that virtually Guarantees to generate a swarm of pre-qualified targeted traffic
  • How To Make Money With Your Tweets Using Twitter The Right Way And To Avoid Annoying Your Followers!
  • Surefire Strategy How To Make Easy Residual Income With Twitter Without Doing Anything Black Hat. It does not get any easier than this
  • Insider Secret Tactics On How To Set Yourself Apart From The Twitter Crowd Most marketers have absolutely no idea how to convert their followers into real traffic and fail miserably to get any results at all
  • How To Avoid The Biggest Mistakes Most Marketers Are Doing With Twitter To Keep Your Following Growing Daily!
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To Your Success,
Glen Brink

You have absolutely nothing to lose because of my personal money back guarantee policy and only swarms of pre-qualified traffic, pre-qualified subscribers and rabid product sales using my Underground Secret Twitter Manifesto Exposed to increase your bottom line.

PSS. Just think! You'll never again have to struggle to get Twitter followers, visitors to your site, and increased sales while watching other savvy marketers that grab this report blow past you at Twitter.com. This is your opportunity to dominate Twitter.com using the same PROVEN techniques that have generated thousands of followers while others struggle to get results


Friday, June 19, 2009

Yahoo 2.0 Traffic Will Help You Use One Of The Fastest Growing Sites On The Web To Make More Money!

Want To Make Tons Of Cash?
"Yahoo 2.0 Traffic" Will Help You Use One Of The Fastest Growing Sites On The Web To Make More Money!

Would You Like To Make Insane Amounts Of Money?

Have you always wondered how other people manage to be so successful on the web?

Have you been looking for a way to get your piece of the action and make lots of money, too?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then hang on because you're about to be blown away. You're about to learn the secrets and proven techniques for making money online.

It doesn't happen in an instant - but if you're willing to use these secrets and put in some effort the cash will quickly start flooding in!

Glen Brink

Dear Friend,

Why are you at this page? Chances are you want to make money online and want to figure out the best way to do that. Maybe you've been looking for guidebooks and handbooks on exactly how to do this, but everything so far seem too good to be true.

You CAN find out the truth without wasting time and money on useless handbooks and guidebooks. All you need is the RIGHT information and the RIGHT guidance, tested and proven to make money for people just like you!

Don't fall for unrealistic hype. Many people looking to make money online fall into the trap of believing the unrealistic hype put out by unscrupulous people. They promise easy, overnight success, with little or no effort, and buckets of cash pouring in faster than you can spend it.

Wow, sounds great, right? Wrong!!

Only the right information that's tested and proven will help you achieve online business success. You have to put in the effort and apply the information properly; there are no shortcuts.

But here's some great news: An exciting new ebook contains everything you need to know to get rich online. It offers the kind of practical, proven information that really gets results.

In fact...

Even If You Have Never Run An Online Business Before, You Will Be Able To Apply The Information In This Book And Be Successful!

This money and profit you seek is out there, just waiting for you to tap into it with the right kind of online business information. It doesn't matter what kind of business you want to have - there are customers out there just waiting to hear about your business.

And that's why you need to get your hands on this valuable information!

You see, up until now people starting an online business had to learn through trial and error. They had to get their business up and running and try to attract customers without any legitimate, correct guidance to help them along.

And the results? The vast majority of the time, failure.

You'd think that would be enough to discourage people from giving online business a try, but every day many thousands of people just like you decide to dive in.

How can you make sure you achieve the success you really want without going through the hard times of trial and error?

Turn to the best source of information anywhere!

"Yahoo 2.o Traffic" Has The Information You Need!

Inside this amazing book you will find a complete collection of information you need:
* How Yahoo! Answers works...

* What you need to do to participate in Yahoo! Answers...

* How Yahoo! Answers can help you make money with your online business...

* The Do's and Don'ts of using Yahoo! Answers...
This is just a peek at the vital information you won't find anywhere else. Only "Yahoo 2.o Traffic" has the information you need to make more money with your online business!

Now, there's no shortage of books, articles, and how to guides out there that claim to teach you how to make money online.

Some of them even have a few ideas that could work in some circumstances. But NONE of them contain as much practical information as "Yahoo 2.o Traffic" .

Can you imagine making tons of money with your online business?

Do you want to find out exactly what you need to do to be a successful online business owner?

Can Someone Like Me Really Make Money Online?

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You see, most books make it sound complicated and difficult to run a profitable online business, but the truth is, it's not complicated or difficult at all.

In fact, if you know the simple steps necessary to use Yahoo! Answers effectively and efficiently, it is downright easy to do.

Let me be very clear about this - you won't make huge profits by simply cruising through Yahoo! Answers and taking a shotgun approach to using it. You will have to put some effort into identifying the right subject niches and working within them, but I can promise you it's amazingly effective.

Can you imagine how great it will feel to see your online business succeed? What else do you dream about doing with all of the money you'll make?

Don't waste another moment, you can get started on your new life right away.

What Valuable Secrets Are Revealed In "Yahoo 2.o Traffic" ?

What Valuable Secrets Are Revealed In "Yahoo 2.o Traffic" ?

  • Introduction to Yahoo! Answers

  • Locating Questions In Niches That Are Relevant

  • Profitable Answers

  • Big No-No's

  • Crafting The Elusive Sig File

  • Setting Your Site Up To Snag People As They Come In

  • Multiplying Your Efforts With Simple SEO

  • To Blog Or Not To Blog

  • The Rich Get Richer

Here's just some of what you're going to learn inside "Yahoo 2.o Traffic"...

* Secrets of How to Narrow Down Categories - Learn how to research the categories and sub categories, and hone in on the best niche areas for your online business.

* How To Create Profitable Answers - Focus on writing accurate answers, with supporting references and proper credit to other sources.

* How To Create The Perfect Signature File - The signature file is a huge part of your success, but it has to be informational without overly promoting yourself.
I'm sure you can see the power of this book. Are you ready to finally take control of your financial success and get your online business rolling in the money?

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Copyright 2009 Glen Brink© All Rights Reserved


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Discover How YOU - Or Anyone - Can Explode Your Network Marketing Business To GREATER Heights

"Discover How YOU - Or Anyone - Can Explode Your Network Marketing Business To GREATER Heights As Practiced By TOP Networkers From Around The World!"

If You Have Not Been Achieving The Kind Of Success You Desired In Your Network Marketing Journey Up Until Now, Then This Is Going To Be The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read!

From: Glen Brink

Dear Aspiring Internet Marketer,

Why do so many network marketers today fail at playing in their own turf?

There's a good reason for that: the vast majority of people who attempt network marketing are so blindly driven towards earning money that they forget to consider the human element. Incidentally, it is the only thing that really matters in building a successful network marketing business.

In fact, most people who are in network marketing today haven't even tried the products they attempt to sell or attempt to get other people to sell. This is nowhere more apparent than on forums, where a new network marketer will often post a signature that urges readers to join his network.

Yet, at the same time, he'll make a post asking if the network he is already promoting is any good. This instantly reduces his credibility to zero.

Sounds completely bizarre? But it happens on a fairly regular basis.

In Network Marketing, It's VERY Dangerous
To Be Just Average.

So what makes network marketers "just average"? While part of it often has to do with effort and consistency, the most important thing that average network marketers miss is...


They concentrate on small targets and small goals and never put the entire network into perspective. Here are some examples of goals that could keep a network marketer "average," when they could be wildly successful:

  • Disorganization. As a network marketer, you will likely have to manage dozens of contacts, hundreds of customers (if it is your product), and all sorts of payment and scheduling information. If you want to be successful, you must have a clear, workable system for every activity you engage in.
  • Marginal Focus. While the small gains are important too - in fact, they will make up the bulk of your activities as a network marketer - it is more important to focus on big gains, which take more work, but when achieved, will completely gain how your network functions. An average network marketer often wont see beyond what is marginal.
  • Unrealistic Goals. This almost always kills anyone who attempts to create a network or start an Internet business: they set unrealistic goals and attempt to achieve them in an unrealistic period of time. The end result is a complete disaster.

Why Give In To Being Average When You Can
Join The Ranks Of TOP Networkers?

The major difference between most successful and unsuccessful network marketers is that successful network marketers have gained significant leverage over a long period of time.

It's often easier said than done, however. And that's exactly why you should be reading every line of this letter.

Announcing: Network Marketing Secrets

MP3 Audio and PDF Transcript included, instant download after purchase

Here's a sneak peak of what you'll find in this 36 minutes 56 seconds exclusive audio session:

  • The 6 habits of highly successful networkers that you must have for your own... especially if you strongly desire to build a large network! (Notice I didn't say "desire to earn big"? It's a valid desire but it won't come until you first desire to build your own network!)

  • The single most important trait you must have in you - it is having this trait that can maximize your closing in for sales when selling your company's products and recruiting downlines!

  • How to quickly & easily overcome your shyness when calling & meeting people! If you're a shy person or don't talk much by nature, I will show you how to overcome this barrier in a snap without having to risk spewing a lot of unneccesary hot air in the process!

  • How to make "making BIG money" your second nature in network marketing! (Hint: there is a saying that you're the total sum of the five people you spend most of your time with!)

  • Why conventional wisdom is for average networkers... and I'll expose the wisdom that the top 10% of the successful networkers in the world subscribe to!

  • How to jumpstart your networking marketing business explosively!

  • How to be a top seller, raking in BIG bucks from your company's products without having to lose friends and scare people away in the process!

  • How to successfully duplicate your success through your downlines by the masses! (Hint: this is a very critical point where most average networkers don't get passed, even though some of them may be good at sales! Incidentally, this is your ticket to leverage and residual riches!)

  • The one critical factor that can make your network marketing business sink or swim!

  • How to enforce your email letters with powerful post-scripts at the end of your letters!

And so much more! This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Think about it:

  • You can now escape the statistic of failures and average networkers who are achieving meager success in this line.
  • You can now forget guessing and conveniently follow the footsteps of the successful networkers.
  • You can now jumpstart your explosive network marketing business... first time or not!

Now isn't $47.00 a pitiful investment when you can expect rewards like above?

A Quick Disclaimer: if you purchase this audio course and do nothing with the information I reveal to you within its pages, you get just that - nothing. And if that happens to be your plan, please, leave this copy for the next person.

And Another Thing: I record this audio course from the perspective of a neutral. In other words, you won't find me endorsing any particular network marketing company in hopes of you joining under my downline or things like that. I'm an avid network marketer like you and I respect your standing.

But one thing is for sure: My success ingredients and explosive jumpstart success guide to applies to YOU with little regards of which company you flag under.

Grab The Resell Rights to This Incredible
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Not only do you get MP3 Audio and PDF transcript,
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Here's what you can and cannot do with the Resell Rights license:

[YES] Can be sold

[YES] Can be packaged with other products
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights (comes with sales letter)

[NO] Can be given away for free
[NO] Can be sold at auction sites
[NO] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[NO] Can be used as web content
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights

You'll also get the complete sales copy and images as you see on this page, which you can upload into your own domain name and sell using your own Paypal / 2CheckOut / Clickbank account.

The Resell Rights to this incredible package is only valid for a limited time, so make sure you secure your copy now - and stand to profit massively from your investment!

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If you've ever wondered what else you can do to explode your network marketing business to greater heights as practiced by TOP networkers from around the world, this is what you've been looking for.

Last but not least, I'm wrapping this offer up with a guarantee:

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You read that right - a full 10 day guarantee or you get your money back - no questions asked.

I'm so sure that you'll be pleased with your investment that I'll let you download the audio course, read through it, print it off and still enable you to get a prompt refund.

Does that sound fair to you?

In short, you have NOTHING to lose but absolutely ALL to gain!

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Glen Brink

P.S. This ultimate course is available in MP3 audio and PDF format. In other words, you can download it instantly as soon as you make your payment in the order link above. There is absolutely no need to wait for weeks to have a physical copy shipped to your doorstep!

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Testimonials Generator: Social Proof & Self Branding At The Push Of A Button

Are You Getting Overwhelmed with Tons of Testimonial or Review Requests? Want to Give a Great Testimonial But Aren't Sure What to Say? If so Then You've Got to See This!...

From The Desk Of: Glen Brink

Check this out...

There comes a point in every internet marketer's career where he gets besieged by testimonial-seekers and review-requesters wanting to capitalize on his good name.

But really, who can blame them?

You've worked hard to not only make money online, but become someone that people look up to and trust. Adding your testimonial to a product gives it much more value, and you know that.

You also know that there are dozens of truly great and innovative products out there. You wish you had time to review and recommend them all, but it simply isn't possible.

It's a well-known psychological fact - people will go out of their way to avoid looking stupid. That includes making what might become a "stupid" purchase. Why do you think reviewer comments and opinion sites are so popular? They help us make informed decisions so we don't look "stupid".

Testimonials are much more powerful. With every testimonial you make, a small piece of your "brand" goes with it. Customers who are loyal to you will take a serious look at any product you lend your name to.

What you say is just as important as how you say it. Now, you'll never have to worry about writing the "perfect" testimonial, because you have:

Testimonials Generator - The Only Software
of its Kind that Automatically Writes Proven =>>
"Attention Getting" Reviews and Recommendations with Ease!

Suitable for PC - RRP $197!


Your purchase is delivered digitally instantly after payment.
Orders accepted 24/7 worldwide.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Brand-New Master Resell 25-Issue Internet Marketing Newsletter Is Yours...

Brand-New Master Resell 25-Issue
Internet Marketing Newsletter
Lets You Easily
Reach Your Customers and Subscribers With
Fresh Material That Will Guide Them Through
The Basics of Online Marketing

Dear marketing friend,

Who has the time to write dozens of emails and organize them into a newsletter which will build a healthy relationship with their subscribers and customers ?

The simple fact is most marketers don't have the time to do what it takes to make sure that their readers are provided with a steady stream of quality, content-filled material, the kind of material that keeps them looking for your newsletter in their mailbox...

I’ll be going over many topics with you in this newsletter. First, about establishing your own website (recommended). We’ll take a look at how to make a blog and make money from it. How to get involved with “affiliate marketing”. How to sell what is called Master Resale Rights products. How to make a product of your own. How to get Traffic, and a whole variety of topics that will open the door and your eyes to what has to be the greatest profession on Earth – Internet Sales from wherever your laptop or desktop computer resides.

The "Internet Marketing Newsletter" was created to help solve that problem. It can be used to build awareness and to show your readers how to start and operate their own online business. You can also use it to educate your readers and members and to get more traffic to your own website. This 25 issue newsletter series is designed with beginners in mind, so even if your readers are just getting started in the online business world they will be able to quickly use the information to start developing
their online business right away!

This e-Series Comes with
Master Resell Rights

The best part is with the master resell rights to this series of emails not only will you be able to learn things you may not know about running your own online business, you will be able to pass that knowledge on to your subscribers. You'll will be providing them with quality information that will help them build their businesses and build your own at the same time.

The newsletter is completely customizable. You will be able to add in your own contact information, product and service recommendations and links to your favorite affiliate programs.

With this newsletter you'll be able to provide your subscribers
with great information that they can actually use!

What's Included in the....
"The Internet Marketing Newsletter" ?

With this series you will providing 25 quality issues full of solid information you and your subscribers can start using immediately to maximize your business impact!

The topics you will deliver to them are:

  1. Introducton
  2. hosting
  3. FTP, cPanel®
  4. Kompozer
  5. Blogging
  6. Adsense
  7. Autoresponders
  8. Clickbank
  9. Forums
  10. Squeeze pages
  11. Giveaways 1
  12. Giveaways 2
  13. List Building Sites
  14. Giveaways 3
  15. Selling Your Master Resale Rights Products
  16. Getting free traffic to your minisites 1
  17. Twitter Tricks
  18. Marketing to your list - follow-ups vs. broadcasts
  19. Paid traffic - adwords
  20. Accepting payments
  21. 7 dollar sales
  22. OTOs
  23. Private Label Rights products
  24. SEO
  25. Offline sales

Remember, this brand new series comes with master resale rights so you can use it for yourself or package it up and sell it and keep all the profits!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How A Simple 3 Step Process Boosted My Clickbank Gravity Overnight And Brought The Super Affiliates Running To Promote My Product

Finally, someone reveals how to guarantee your success as a Clickbank product vendor...

“How A Simple 3 Step Process Boosted My Clickbank Gravity Overnight And Brought The Super Affiliates Running To Promote My Product”

If Your Clickbank Products Don’t Have Thousands Of High Powered Professional Affiliates Promoting Them, You’re About To Find Out How To Make That Happen

From The Desk Of: Glen Brink

Dear online business owner,

Can you imagine what skyrocketing Clickbank gravity would do for your business? Imagine the impact that hundreds and thousands of super effective affiliates would have on your business?

Think of the traffic – thousands of super focused targeted visitors every single day…who doesn’t want that?

Not to mention the sales – 10, 20, 40, even 50 sales a day is totally possible when you have floods of affiliates promoting your sites.

To put it bluntly, with affiliates like this in your business, you can basically forget it. No marketing, no traffic creation. Nothing. The affiliates will generate all the traffic you want, leaving you to do the important stuff – live your life and spend those fat green wads of cash.

Yes, life can be that easy. Just check out the Clickbank Marketplace – those vendors right at the top for each category are living a life like that every single day…

But, those guys are just the top 0.1%...for the rest of us, the fact is:

Without A Proven Method Of Attracting Affiliates, Barring Some Kind Of Crazy Fluke, Your Site & Product Are Just Going To Die A Slow Painful Death

Yes, I know it seems harsh, and to be honest some people will say it’s a downright bleak outlook to have…but bleak or not, it’s true.

All the gurus and the guys that are already successful online will have you believe that Clickbank success is just a matter of getting a product approved, and then sitting back and waiting for the fat checks to arrive.

Yeah, right…

Let me tell you, the truth is a little more “real world”.

Yes, you’ll get a little rush of traffic from curious affiliates when your product goes live, but unless it sells like ice cream on a hot day, that little rush will dry up within a couple of days, as all the hotshot affiliates go off in search of something that does sell that well

And guess what happens then?

Your “Baby”, The Product You Sweated Out With Months & Months Of Hard Work Has Just 30 Days To Start Making Consistent Sales…Or Clickbank Will Remove It From The Marketplace!

How exactly do you expect to get affiliates when none of them even know your product exists, and the ones that do can’t generate hoplinks through Clickbank because your product no longer shows up there?

The short, brutal truth is that you can’t…and so at that point you can kiss goodbye to the successful dreams you had about that product, and move onto something else…

And that’s where I come in…

Imagine how much easier things would be if you had a simple step by step process to getting your product listed at the top of the Clickbank Marketplace, and attracting hundreds of professional affiliates…

If you could do that, you could guarantee the success of every product you create right?

Now you can…

Introducing Clickbank Results…

Your Step by step process to getting your product listed at the top of the Clickbank Marketplace in record time

But there’s more to Clickbank Results than simply getting to the top of the Marketplace…you’re also going to learn:

  • Exactly how to leverage the awesome power of over 100,000 affiliates, and convert that power into cold hard cash in your bank account

  • The absolute top secret, no holds barred trick to driving your gravity through the roof and bringing affiliates running from miles around…

  • A simple method to make sure affiliates always choose your product over your rival’s…and it’s so darned simple that 99% of vendors overlook it completely

  • How to charge higher prices that your customers love to pay by shooting your product’s perceived value through the roof…and it won’t cost you a penny!

  • How to make more money from less customers…every smart marketer in the world knows that backend sales are where the money is these days…

  • Why the hardest, most time consuming part of product creation is the marketing – once you understand this you can turn the whole thing into an automated process

  • How to use your Clickbank username to start a brand and help you make more money by converting more browsers into buyers

  • How ______ and ______ will get your Clickbank products approved over and above the $200 regular limit almost every time…

  • Use pay by installment options to turn your page into a high converting, cash spitting monster

  • The devastatingly simple method to reduce refunds to almost zero and send your backend sales soaring

  • Secret tactics you can use to drag hundreds of affiliates from Clickbank.com and have them start generating traffic and sales just for you

  • Ingenius ways to turn a “loss leader” product into something that generates back end dollars like you won’t believe…

And all that’s just scratching the surface…

But before I say anything else, I know exactly what you’re thinking:

You’ve read a ton of these guides before, and they all turn out to be some kind of hyped up junk just telling you the same old rehashed garbage…right?

Well, I hear you. Truth is, I’ve read more than a few of those rehashed BS ridden ebooks myself. Before my online business took off, I was just as desperate as you to quit my day job…I read just about everything I could get my hands on…MY

Every single credit card bill I got showed masses of payments to all different online sites, buying ebooks, tuition courses, memberships to “exclusive” sites, all kinds of junk…Yes, I was THAT desperate to get some kind of financial freedom and never have to sit in that rush hour traffic ever again…

And that’s what prompted me to create Clickbank Results. Once I started to see some success myself, I got real tired of hearing the gurus telling everyone how easy it is to become a Clickbank success. In all honesty, unless you know the secrets and shortcuts I’m going to teach you, it’s very tough to become successful with your own products

Answer me this:

Do You Honestly Think That An Average Joe Can Compete With A Bunch Of Millionaires Throwing Money At A Niche

Some of the successful vendors are already millionaires, they have huge departments of marketers and programmers at their disposal…how can you compete with that?

You can’t. It’s as simple as that.

But you would be able to if you knew the stuff inside Clickbank Results. It’s that powerful…

Think about this for a second – how much would pay someone to put your product at the top of the marketplace in Clickbank?




Even that would be peanuts compared to what you’d be making…

Let’s say you’re selling a $47 ebook that converts at just one single tiny percent…

And being at the top of the Marketplace is giving you about 1500 unique, targeted visitors alone, from your legions of affiliates…that’s 1500 every day, 24/7 365 days a year…

That’s 15 sales @ $47, per day…

15 sales each and every day would be making you over 700 bucks each and every day…that’s over $250,000 a year

Hardly chump change is it?

True, you’d have to take your affiliate’s commissions out of that, but say you’re paying them 50%...that still leaves you with $128,662 to play with, each and every year…for doing nothing. Because the affiliates are going to take care of it all…

But that’s not even the best part…

Smart Affiliates Know Exactly What It Takes To Direct Traffic That Converts, So Your One Or Two Percent Page Could Suddenly Be Converting Visitors At 7 or 8%

Imagine what that would do for your bottom line…you’re suddenly making thousands of dollars every single day, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars per year…

And it all started from getting your little product listed at the top of the Clickbank Marketplace…

So right about now, even paying someone $5000 to put your site up there would be a no brainer right?

Well, sorry, I can’t offer to put your site up there for you, I’m too busy for that, but I can let you learn how to do just that from my book, Clickbank Results…

And I’m not going to charge you anything like $5000…

Or even $1000…

In fact, I’m not even going to ask you to pay $100 for it…

It’s worth much, much, more, but I’m actually going to give it to the next 17 buyers for $27!

Yes, you read that right, $27 for the whole deal…

If you already own a product that’s on Clickbank, you could have it listed at the top of the marketplace by tomorrow, for less than the price of a pizza and a couple of beers…

Didn’t I tell you it was a no brainer?

But if you’re still sitting on the fence, check out this guarantee:

Remember, only the next 17 16 buyers get this fantastic deal, then it’s going to revert to the regular price of $77

This is a brand new product, and I wanted to make sure the first few copies went fast so I could get some customer feedback, and that’s why you are looking at making a whopping 64.9% saving!

But you’ll only get it if you act right now - these are going like hot cakes, so get yours while you can…

To your success as a product vendor,

Glen Brink


PS - Clickbank Results really does have the power to boost your product’s gravity and send them straight to the top of the Clickbank marketplace…can you imagine how many affiliates and how much traffic your sales page could get? Not only that, but you’ll probably find yourself suddenly swamped with tons of monster JV requests and many more profitable partnership deals…and it all starts right here, but only if you go ahead and hit that order button…

PPS - Think about this – if you don’t buy Clickbank Results, your life is going to continue exactly the same way…your products will struggle, and your livelihood will depend on how good you personally are at recruiting affiliates…imagine what happens when a product comes along that’s bigger and better than yours? Zero affiliates, and zero income for you, that’s what happens. But if you go ahead and hit that button and order it now, you could have you own product sitting pretty at the top of the Clickbank marketplace by tomorrow…

PPPS - Don’t forget, this whole thing is covered by my cast iron 100% of your money back 10 day refund guarantee. You have literally nothing to lose by going ahead with this…but you have everything to gain by taking the first steps toward becoming a hyper successful product seller