This is how one self-made online multi-millionaire will profit from his home business today

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- Friday, January 02, 2009
Publisher: Glen Brink
This is how one self-made online multi-millionaire
will profit from his home business today

Preface: One of the best ways to profit online is to
learn from people who have already done it. Problem is,
how do you get this kind of access? Most millionaires,
particularly busy self-made ones, have neither the time
nor the inclination to assist. They're making piles; that's
enough for them.

That's why we're fortunate to give you a detailed view into
what one well-known self-made Internet millionaire
will do to profit today in his home business.

The self-made multi-millionaire in question is Harvard-
educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Dr. Lant is author of 16 of
the best-known marketing and business development books
ever written. He's been online since 1994, one of the
earliest entrepreneurs to establish a website and start
doing serious business online. We talked to Dr. Lant online
in his Meeting Room at from his home
business in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Q: Dr. Lant, what's the first thing you do every morning to
get going?

A: First thing, I review the prospect leads in my email
box which have come in while I'm sleeping. I have an amazing
tool on my domain called 'Who's Logged In.' Whenever anyone
logs into my site, I receive an automatic email from the
system with the prospect's name, email address, phone number,
and the name of the exact page they are visiting.

Q: Are you sent these emails 24/7?

A: Yes, that's the brilliance of the system. Obviously, I
cannot respond to all the prospect leads the minute I get
them, because a certain percentage come in while I'm asleep.
These I telephone as soon as I'm able. However, during the
day when I'm up and active, the MINUTE I receive an email
from the system, I telephone that person at once.

Q: I see you telephone, rather than email your leads. Please

A: When a person logs into one of the pages on my website,
that person is ready to get helped, talk turkey, even buy
AT ONCE. Sending an email message to the visitor in these
circumstances is crazy. My business thrives because I contact
prospects immediately, or at least (given my need for the
occasional nap) as soon as possible. I do this with my VOIP

Q: Which VOID service do you use?

A: Personally, I use Gizmo Project, where I'm charged about
1 cent per minute f
or calls. There are, however, other fine
services as well.

Q: What happens when you connect with the prospect?

A: When I call the prospect, I act like the customer-centered
business proprietor I am. I say, 'Hello, Tom, I see you're
interested in our web design services. How can I help you?'
How do I know what he's looking at? Because the email I
receive from the system let's me know which specific page
he's on.

I'll tell you one thing: invariably the prospect I call
is amazed that I get to them so quickly. They didn't expect
it and are not accustomed to that kind of prompt customer
service online. That puts me in a very good position for
building the relationship and making the fastest possible

Q: What happens if the prospect isn't willing to buy from
you right away?

A: You have to expect that. Only green newbies think that
every prospect is going to buy the minute they hear about
the product. In fact, people have lots of financial
obligations; they usually need time to factor in what I'm
selling, especially given the fact that some of my products
and services cost thousands of dollars.

Therefore, I'm very disciplined about using my prospect
management system. This enables to input detailed information
about the prospect, including prospect name, email address,
telephone, date and time I'll follow up, how I'll follow up,
and any offers I may have made.

Q: How does your prospect manager system work?

A: First thing every morning, the prospect manager system
emails me a detailed memorandum reminding me who I need to
contact today. Because these are VERY important prospects,
I do not email them. Again, I get on the telephone and
call them, reminding them of our previous contacts and
proceeding to make the fastest possible sale.

Q: Dr. Lant, it's obvious you have a very efficient, very
proftable system in place. Since you've been online so long
and so profitably, perhaps you tell our readers what you
think their biggest mistake is.

A: Happy to. There are many mistakes that newbies and even
people who should know better make. They don't get a domain
right away, they don't develop multiple income streams,
they are careless with prospect information. All these are

However, the biggest mistake people make is not engaging
with their prospects, of thinking they can build a
successful online business without direct, personal
customer contact. These people think it can all be done
with impersonal email, which is completely wrong. Direct,
personal contact -- including picking up the telephone
and talking to customers -- is essential.

Thanks for these insights, Dr. Lant.

A: My pleasure.

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