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Freebie Force pays commissions on the first and third Wednesday of each month. You can see your commission earnings in your back office by clicking on My Earnings Go to and log in with your username and password. You earn $1 per active member in your 5 by 7 forced matrix. This means that you can have up to 5 people on your first level, 25 on your second level and so on. The potential through the entire matrix looks like this:

Level 1 --- 5

Level 2 --- 25

Level 3 --- 125

Level 4 --- 625

Level 5 --- 3,125

Level 6 --- 15,625

Level 7 --- 78,125

TOTAL in all levels: 97,655

Earn the first two levels with no qualifications.

Earn on levels 3-7 by sponsoring just 3 people.

Some people laugh at the concept of earning just one dollar per person. However, if they take time to think this through, they get excited. The potential earnings from a fully filled 5X7 matrix is $97,655. Will anyone ever fill a matrix all the way? It is highly unlikely. However, the most successful top earners could realistically fill it one third to one half full and that is $35,000+ per month. Since many leaders have two or more positions, it is entirely possible for someone to earn 100K per month in this business.

What a concept... 100K per month in a ten dollar a month program!

This is only possible with an exceptional product that is worth far more than what you pay, and is wanted by almost everyone who sees it. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE with Freebie Force!!!

Your $9.95 membership includes a FREE website, FREE lead capture page, FREE autoresponder system, and a FREE contact manager.

But let's be realistic. The average person will not earn thousands. However, almost anyone can earn enough to pay off a credit card, make a car payment, or even a house payment. When it comes to recruiting new members, this is the easiest program I have ever seen in 22 years! Plus, almost no one ever quits this program. The product is awesome and the price is super low.

For someone who decides to go beyond the average, it is realistic to achieve a 1% fill of the matrix, and that's $976 per month. Someone who decides really go for it could fill their matrix 10% to 25% full...

That's $9,765 to $24,414 per month, from ONE position!

At the rate things are growing in my group, I can easily see that happening for me within a year or less. And, more importantly, I can see that some other people also see this big potential.

The key to your success is:

1) call your best contacts immediately,

2) do whatever it takes to sponsor at least two people every week (5 is better), and

3) make a six month plan and stick to it!

The lesson here is to not underestimate the power of a product that can spread like wildfire in a 50 mph wind. And more important than that... Do not listen to the nay-sayers and negative people who tell you that it won't work. The fact is that they are already proven wrong. My sponsor made over $500 in the first two weeks. Her sponsor, Shelly, made $1,300+ in less than two weeks.

As for me, I made $408 in my first two weeks and I will be earning about $2,000 per month after just six weeks in the business. Not bad for a $10 program.... and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Real walk-away residual income cant be beat. Six months from now, those negative people will wish they were in our shoes! Don't let anyone steal your dreams!!!

Freebie Force is a powerful force that is here to stay!

Jeff Breakey Dover, Idaho 208-255-8439


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