Monday, July 29, 2013

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 **WARNING** not everyone will make $100K ever -- disclaimer page
Glen :-)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Marketing is Story Telling

Your Story Is Your Strength

My Friend David Sharpe told me:
"One day, after the world tried to tell me my past was my biggest liability, I showed them it was my greatest asset. And since that day, I’ve pushed all the limits, and broke all the rules. I’ve talked about things people say should stay 'hush, hush'. I’ve confronted demons from my past and stood in the face of ridicule. And I’ve overcome the fear of judgement to step out on faith and reach down deep inside to tap into something I didn’t know was there. Courage."
Actually, here at the Empower Network – we’ve all reached down deep inside in one way or another to discover something great about ourselves we didn’t know was there.

Tell your story my friend. Hold your head up high. And celebrate your past — both the good and ‘bad’ — while realizing your perfectly imperfect, and the world needs to hear what you have to say. Someone, somewhere, is dying (maybe even literally) to hear what you have to say, and it will change their life when you share with them who you really are, how you really feel, and what you’ve overcome — so they can realize they’re right where they need to be in their life and in their business.
It's a new copywriting technique that is about 10x easier to implement and works 10x better (approximately… you know!)  It’s ALL about evoking emotion in the prospect and is actually written at a 1st grade reading level! See, most people think copywriting is about explaining features and benefits and telling why their thing is cool. But that actually does not get nearly as good results as just simply evoking emotion from the customer and getting them to act on that emotion. Talk about Snap buying decisions.
Think about effective storytelling. See, storytelling (or storySELLING) is what evokes emotion in the customer and allows you sell much much more easily because the customer becomes bonded with you, relates to you, and therefore trusts you. There is so much power in this. It creates bonded relationships sight unseen.
Story telling is the key to marketing, especially on the Internet.  Your story will help you attract a group of people who want to know more about what you are doing. There is magic there, whether your story is big or small, good or bad even if you don't know it yet.  Let truth be your shield as we battle the forces of evil that want to defeat you.I want you to realize and remember just how awesome you are – and that you have something inside of you that the world needs to experience. And when you do. . . that’s when the “Magic” of life really happens :)
All you need to do to succeed with out Empower Network team is "To thine own self be true."

- Empowering People and
“Changing the world, one story at a time”

Your story begins with the most important things in your life (whatever you feel they are.)  Just tell those stories about yourself and tie them into your life today and into this business in some way (eg: "that's why I like working for my self on the Internet now.)"
Use this blog and in the comments below tell us who you are and how you’re impacting people, or how you plan on impacting people with your experience and your story.

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Glen :-)

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Monday, July 22, 2013

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Monday, July 15, 2013

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