Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Get to grips with building your list with our newest book, for FREE!

Get to grips with building your list with our newest book, for FREE!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review on The Satoshi Project *In Honor* of BitCoin Founder

Funding the Project

To complete the goals of the Satoshi Project will require funding and you can get rewarded in bitcoin or VP$ if you contribute, or if you refer anyone who contributes to the Satoshi Project. The contributions will be used:

   to pay for programming the conversion to crypt o-currency
   to promote the growth of VirtaPay
   to help raise awareness of crypt o-currencies
   to invest in promising crypt o-currencies

Your contributions can have a lasting impact, and may help raise the value of your VirtaPay holdings both before and after the conversion to crypt o-currency.
with our 120% Payouts and 1% Bonuses.

You are guaranteed a 120% payout in either bitcoins or VP$, for every contribution you make. First, your contribution will be added to the current contribution round. After a contribution round is fully funded, and then reaches maturity (completing the goals of that round), then all payouts for that round will be sent.

Whether or not you choose to contribute, you can earn a 1% bonus, paid in bitcoins or VP$, for referring new contributors to the project. In fact, if you have ever referred someone using your referral link, then you already have referrals for the Satoshi Project!

We plan to accept less than 100 contribution rounds before the project is fully funded. Each round will have strict limits for both contribution size and the number of contributors allowed. The rounds will start small, but eventually, we will allow larger contributions and more contributors as the Satoshi Project progresses.
Two Free Bitcoins.

Glen :-)

Find love online with our newest book!

Find love online with our newest book!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's taking off! 7 new people in the past hour have joined, still only 60 in the USA today.

Hello Leaders!
The conf call last night was awesome! Here is the recording of it to listen any time you want:
712-432-0508  Access Code: 353991#   Then press pound for "the most recent call"
Here are the bullet points of this company:
THE #1 product of all time, 300+ million in sales, in the category of natural BRAIN supplement is "Focus Factor"... Our product is the next generation, by the same formulator, Dr. Kyl Smith! This is generation 2, an even better product!
Formulated by Dr. Kyl a few years ago and previously sold ONLY through Doctors, now available for the first time ever to the public, through network marketing!
Pre-launched just a few days ago... shipping product now, orders going out daily!
Only $34.95 ($42 with shipping) to join with one box of product (limited to one box during next 3 weeks of pre-launch)
--your personal custom website
--membership in the company (Xenesta) with full biz opp and VERY high-paying comp plan
--marketing tools and systems
--awesome cool back office
--commissions are already showing up daily in your back office
--five levels of income in the 3X10 matrix comp plan for FREE (no sponsoring required)
With all the freebies here, plus the 5 levels of free qualification in the matrix there is NO WAY TO LOSE HERE!!!
Several people in our group have earned a commission in the last 4 days from matrix spillover and all they did was join with one box of product!  Excitement and activity is growing by the hour!
Call me for more info.
Have an awesome day...explode your income with me to earn very serious money in the next 90 days!

Glen Brink

Glen :-)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Uncover the fundamentals of healthy eating with our newest, free book!

Uncover the fundamentals of healthy eating with our newest, free book!

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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Internet millionaire wants to work FOR YOU

I know, I know, it sounds pretty crazy that an internet
millionaire wants to work for you.

But this is 100% true!

Also, he wants to work for you, FOR FREE.

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Hope it helps you.

Yours In Success,
Glen Brink

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How to Magnetically sponsor new Prospects

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5 Ways to Earn Daily!
Glen :-)

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Uncover the best 100 tips for travellers with our newest book!

Uncover the best 100 tips for travellers with our newest book!

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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Stop The Rock Once And For All...

Monday night I'm going to show you how to
"Stop The Rock" and make and keep a six or
even seven figure income
for the last time,
even if it's your first time!

I've just written a new book entitled "Stop The Rock" and
you are among the first to get your hands on this breakthrough
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On this one of a kind webinar, I will show you
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And just for registering for the webinar I'm going to give you
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Stop The Rock

So what is "Stop The Rock" all about?

Sometimes building your own business can seem like pushing
a giant rock up a mountain and sadly most entrepreneurs never
get the rock up the mountain and achieve success in the first place.

Even worse, many successful entrepreneurs do make it to the top
and succeed only to see their business start to crumble and watch
as the rock rolls right back down the mountain forcing them to start over,
and over, and over again!

That ends This Monday night!

If you have yet to make a significant income on your own,
or if you have created a six figure income and been forced
to start over more than once, then this webinar is for you!

On the webinar I will outline an entirely new way of
thinking about how money is made as an entrepreneur
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I will even show you a specific strategy you can use right now to
earn enough to cover your car payment and mortgage
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(I used the same strategy and it only took me two weeks!)

Do Not miss this one of a kind webinar, here is the registration link
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Scott Boulch
After you register, I will email you a private invitation
to the webinar where you will be getting a free copy of
Scott's new book!

Glen Brink  (303) 442-6460
PS:  Yes, You can also use Scott's book to build a business.

Glen :-)