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Friday, September 20, 2013

Smart Tips For Your Personal And Business Success Today

Jeffrey Lant CEO CEC: Smart Tips For Your Personal And Business Success Today..........

Hey, Internet marketing chump. Looks like you've been fooled again. You must like it!

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant.
Author's program note. I can't stand it another minute, Poopsie. I just cannot stand by and let you fail for even one more minute. Because today, like yesterday, and all the days before, you are going to fail; you are not going  to make a single penny from that joke you call your online "business."

Instead by day's end when you've racked up another day of chump change, you'll be worse off... a day wasted, a precious day you could have used to get ahead,now in the cosmic trash can... clueless on how to get out and make the money you say you want. Look at  yourself closely in the mirror right now... that's one poor puppy staring back at you.... pale, wan,  hapless, helpless, pathetic, disgusting.

And this is the guy you expect to lead the victory parade? LOL! LOL! LOL!  It's time for your Internet marketing make-over... It's time to own up to and grasp what you are doing (the stuff that doesn't work) and what you must do (if you expect to have any chance of online success at all). Let's get started with a cool tune that pretty well summarizes the mess you're in, the mess you'll stay in if you don't follow sensible advice and make a radical change."

"Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)".  Play the tune and set it on the highest decibels, for you're about to fly. Put up your collar... find those ultra cool shades you sheepishly wore just once... wear them like the symbol of insolence and impertinence they were meant to be ... now move that arthritic body... for babeeeeee, you are about to astonish the world;  Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers -- plus one extra guy looking remarkably like... me -- are about to help you out of the sad situation you just can't seem to shake.

The seventh track from their debut, self-titled album "Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers"

The song is "Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)". Recorded in (1971, it was what rock was all about... attitude... edge... in your face... don't tread on me, maggot...stand back world and prepare to be astonished, I've got the ticket to ride. Now belt out the lyrics that pretty much summarize your entire Internet experience...

"Looks like I've been fooled again/
Looks like I'm the fool again/
I don't like it, I don't like it."

Now hear this... you're not just singing a tune... you're announcing the advent of the new regime... the regime where you're a successful online marketer, not just some luckless schlepper, kick-me sign always on your back side, the guy it's oh-so-easy to ridicule, disdain, and dismiss. You can always feel sorry for these toads, but you can never, ever respect them. And that's why you don't just need to scream "I don't like it." You've got to do something to turn the fiasco you call Internet marketing around... and at once!

Try these suggestions on for size.

1) STOP doing what you're doing. It doesn't work. Can't work. And the silliest thing is that you ever thought it would work. The great thing about the 'net is how easily you can test your ideas, thoughts and suppositions to see how well they work, indeed to see whether they work at all.  For you see, something that doesn't work today is not going to work tomorrow. Thus, experimentation is and must always be the order of the day, every day. If you won't test, you won't succeed.

2) Get trained. In my role as an Internet success counselor at I have had occasion to train, work with, and nudge thousands of people worldwide over the last 20 years. Nudge? What that means is not just setting the objective and teaching folks how to achieve it... but to keep each student's nose to the grindstone, keeping them focused, accepting absolutely no excuses, including absolutely no "special pleading" where the candidate offers "reasons" why she didn't do what she was pledged to do: following each and every step, no ifs, ands, or buts.  Your nudge is an essential part of your success team, and though I say it myself, I am the best nudge on Earth, the least easy to deceive and hide from, unrelenting, never losing sight of the goal, more determined to see you successful than absolutely anyone except  your mother. You'd be exceptionally lucky to work with me, and that's a fact.  So, I ask you. Who's helping you set goals, brainstorm means of reaching them,reviewing results to see what worked and what didn't, and always ensuring you stay on track? Yeah, I thought so. You're not doing it, no one is helping you do it.  You're not focused on results, no one is helping you get focused. Thus your results are non existent, just the way they have have always been. What an embarrassment!  Have you got any self-respect?

3) You have no list and are not doing the consistent, strenuous work it takes to grow one. This one's a real killer.  For the last over 40 years now I've been telling my students, beating it into their often amazingly resistant brains that "the list is the business, the business is the list."  How important is your list? Say there's a fire in your office. What would you grab first to save? Inventory? No, inventory is easily replaceable. Your computer? No worry here. Easily replaceable again.  (You do back up, don't you?) That picture of your mother-in-law; you know the one that confirms her near perfect resemblance to a rare genus of ancient lizard? (Please try to be serious.) The correct answer, of course, is your list. It is essential, irreplaceable, unique.  It's loss would be catastrophic, a body blow from which you might never recover.  And that is why "the list is the business, the business is the list." The $64,000 question just this. What did you do today to build your list and turn it into the huge money-making tool you require to make the big bucks you say you want and haven't got a clue how to get. Self-deception, self-deceit, self-delusion. This is what you're specializing in and your thread-bare results give ample testament about just how successful you've been... and will always be. That better make you happy, because that, lamb chop, is what you're going  to get.

4) How are your copywriting skills? Can you write the words that dance and thrill, the words that make people from Alabama to Beijing jump up and  shout, causing even the deadest heart to beat faster, faster, faster still? You'd better be, because otherwise you're in for a lifetime of significance expense, because top copywriters command top dollars... the dollars that come straight out of your pocket; so sad for you but absolutely necessary if you expect to have ad copy that pulls the more lucrative response.Of course knowing you, you'll try to conjure the magic words yourself; anything to save a penny. But that, as you'll quickly learn, just won't cut it... words without the wizard's legerdemain, without the magic, produce dismal results... and that just won't do unless you like endless outflow and driblets of income, few and far between. This is your certain fate when you turn down demonstrated experts and attempt to do their crucial job yourself. Sucker.

5)  Trying to build a money-making business off of "free"? Are you one of the hundreds of millions of would-be entrepreneurs online this very moment who is making -- and every single day, too -- the critical, fatal error of trying to make money off "free stuff" to be found online? If so, listen up. That is IMPOSSIBLE,can't be done, and only wastes your time and energy. Did you hear me? The extent to which you want Internet success without reasonable investment is the extent to which you will fail, absolutely, positively. Now for the real craziness. Day after futile day would-be entrepreneurs and Internet marketers enter the Live Business Center at They are told, clearly, honestly, politely, thoroughly what they need for success... and go right out  to do the EXACT reverse, ensuring failure, DOA. The Internet has empowered these sad creatures, each a candidate for spam, rip-off and certain loss. Why does this happen to so many so often with such miserable results? Because the typical 'net entrepreneur is the very model of sloth, laziness,avarice. They want wealth without effort; magnificent results without knowing how to get them; falling victim over and over again to those who find victimizing these foolish people a piece of cake; integrity, honesty and old fashioned business standards and acumen the first to perish in such a pernicious environment; once gone, gone forever.

Must it be this way? Certainly not. Failure as much as success is a choice.

Now it's time for you.  Visit me in the Live Business Center at where we work together in a giant worldwide team so that you expert assistance 24/7/365 advising, counseling, guiding, reassuring, all accomplished in an environment of professionalism and good fellowship.

Glen Brink

Glen :-)

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Monday, September 09, 2013

Solidarity with Arianna Huffington and her timely views on user generated content and online 'trolls', the people who use anonymous comments to denigrate, destroy, defame and demoralize. Stand up and be counted as we make the Internet a far, far better place.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

 Author's program note. Over the course of the last three years, I have written  over 1000 articles of what I call "cultural commentary," that is on any subject  relating to mankind, our acts, thoughts, behaviors, works, triumphs, and tragedies.  These articles are read by over 1,000,000 people each month who visit me at

 The subjects are timely, the research precise and thorough, the conclusions my  own... and always, always signed, never anonymous or signed with a nom de  guerre or "handle".

 Most readers are supportive, even lavish and fulsome about what I write, how  I write it and the essential fairness of my approach, the attempt to understand  different people's often astonishingly disparate (and fiercely antagonistic) points  of view. However, I adhere to severe standards.

 I must be fair, scrupulous, true to my subject and true to myself, not just a man  with an opinion but a man honorable about the facts at hand, even where I disagree  with them. I say anyone can have an opinion about anything, but commentary,  about any aspect of man and man's affairs, must be based on, sustained and  bolstered by rigorous fact and cool deliberation.

 Even so, there are readers who find my conclusions, however factual, however well  presented and unarguable they may be, disagreeable, enraging, infuriating, controversial,  irritating, and, because irrefutable, the more annoying and aggravating; sometimes rising  to the unhelpful level where reason and a reasonable response give way before the bitter  expletives of grammatically challenged and misspelled choler, anger, and  vulgarity; the  noxious tools of those who do not aim for respectful understanding or peaceful persuasion  but rather maximum hurt, as sharp and painful as possible, all covered by the cloak  of secrecy and anonymity; offering near total protection to the insidious perpetrators  who make the most destructive use of it. 

 Here is where the trolls reside... in the dark bowels of the 'net... a place where there is  no light, no harmony, no respect, no courtesy, no truth, no justice, the dangerous,  destructive and pernicious place where intentional man made mayhem and violence  of thought and action are the order of the day, every day.

 It is these people, the dregs of our species, capable of any outrage, any violation,  cruel for the sake of cruelty, inflicting random pain their constant study and endeavor,  their putrid minds taking joy from every wanton act good people abhor.

 It is time to curb and curtail these diseased creatures and their dark usages, for they  are the persistent, irrepressible enemies of civilization, carrying their malignant views  to the wide world via the Internet, a technology they purport to love but which their  disgusting behaviors, ignoble, unfettered, cowardly, abhorrent without any redeeming  social value, threaten. There is evil in these people who stand against everything that  makes a community work, whether online or off.

 "The March of the Trolls" ("Trolltog").

 Edvard Grieg (1843-1907 has captured the atmosphere in which these outrageous  trolls live and contrive their deadly works. The piece is "Trolltog", one of the 66 short  compositions for solo piano he wrote between 1867 and 1901 under the name  "Lyric Pieces". "Trolltog" is one of the most well known, short, brilliant, a work of  eerie perfection. You will find it in any search engine. Go now and listen. Grieg's  work is so evocative and precise you will not merely see the trolls at their outrageous  capers but even smell their acrid stench and rancid perspiration. Thus the stink rises  as they disport themselves, regaling each other with past outrages while bragging  about outrages yet to come, each designed to be more outrageous, more  offensive than the last.

 "May I hack him on the fingers?/ May I tug him by the hair?/  Hu, hey, let me bite him in the haunches!/Shall he be boiled into broth and  bree to me/ Shall he roast on a spit or be browned in a stewpan?/  Ice to your blood, friends!"

 Yes, Grieg captured the precise environment where evil in all its manifestations  can ferment until its irresponsible perpetrators decide it is ready to provoke maximum  pain and bitter outrage. They then release it... safe in the knowledge it can always be  delivered anonymously, their work certain to create pain... their part unknown, a  totally contemptible, irresponsible act; a crime against humanity; perpetrated against  all of us on the Internet which was invented to bring the world together, not empower  yet another means of keeping us divided and at odds, when instead we should all  be working for mutual understanding, respect, civility and the maximum unity possible.

 What Arianna Huffington has proposed.

 Here is how she opened her remarks at a recent conference in Boston, a city  well acquainted with the benefits and drawbacks of the Internet:

 "Trolls have become more and more aggressive and uglier. I feel that freedom of  expression is given to people who stand up for what they're saying and not hiding  behind anonymity." Such people have no desire to advance the discussion and  understanding about important aspects of any problem; their goal is nothing short  of destroying the necessary rules, procedures, protocols and recognized usages  for the useful dissemination of information.

 They hurt because they can hurt... the hurt helping no one, not even the offenders  themselves. They don't want to be part of a constructive dialog; rather, they aim to  destroy the environment in which such dialog can occur and the benefits that result  from sharing and cooperation.

 Huffington has announced that starting this month, readers of the Huffington Post  will no longer be able to post comments anonymously. They can still use their  handles, but they must register their real identities with Facebook before they can  comment. By thus forcing commenters to identify themselves, even if only behind  the scenes, Huffington hopes at least some of the most offensive comments will  be eradicated along with the bullying that has proliferated online; bullying which  would never be tolerated anywhere else, in any civic forum, where people might well  differ, but not to the extent of demonizing them, their unacceptable comments  worsened by shocking language and unadulterated anti-social thoughts, views and  actions.

 Is this the only constructive action that could be implemented now to advance the  solution to this worsening problem? Certainly not, nor does even Huffington say  so. But we must start somewhere, and for this we must thank Huffington, who has  always been a frank and informed voice on the benefits and drawbacks of the 'net,  and what must be done to effect improvements instead of giving way to despair and  a pervasive sense of "What can I do?" What indeed...

 How about an international conference on wiping out the trolls and eradicating  their baleful ways? There are plenty of online billionaires who could lend their  names and a few bucks to kick things off. Let's hear what the best and the  brightest have to say. It could only be instructive. Then let's mount a determined  Web wide cleansing operation. After all, as Edmund Burke said in 1770, "All that is  necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". Let us be those good  men and women, each and every one of us.

 The issue of "free speech".

 The trolls, of course, will not go gentle into their good night. They will howl with  outrage and leave a trail of sulphur and the rawest and most malodorous  sewage.  That, after all, is their way and that will only change as we pick up the rocks under  which they exist and force them into the most radiant sunshine.

 As they are identified, they will scream bloody murder that they are being victimized,  that their intentions have been misreported and misunderstood and, above all else  that their right to free speech has been thwarted, trampled, twisted. For this moment,  we need one of the greatest of American jurists, a man of Harvard, of Cambridge,  and, above all, of common sense. We need Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Associate  Justice of the Supreme Court, 1902-1932, his proud sobriquet, "The Great Dissenter".

 In March, 1919 in the case of Schenck v. United States Justice Holmes spoke to the  issue of what constituted "free speech" and what restrictions, if any, might be allowable.  His common sense opinion entered the language: "The most stringent protection of  free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a  panic." Moreover, "The character of every act depends upon the circumstances in which  it is done." By this standard anonymous defamatory messages where the subject can  get away with any amount of distress, yet be held responsible for not a single word,  cannot be called "free speech" but rather unaccountable license, proof unnecessary,  nothing attributed, whatever the subject and degree of rancor and accusation. "Free  speech" is not the question; responsible speech is.

 Thus consider this. Change the word "trolls" in this article to "Nazis", and you will  clearly see what must be done, what you must do. You would be outraged if Nazis  did what the trolls do. You would demand thorough immediate action.

 Thus, we must protect the maximum amount of responsible speech and destroy all  vestiges of hate speech and of those who use the 'net to deliver their anti-social views  and opinions; views and opinions safe-guarded by our sloth and the feeling that there  is nothing that can be done to improve matters. But there is and the ancient Greek story  of Pandora's box shows us the way.

 In classical Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on Earth. Zeus ordered  Hephaestus, the god of craftsmanship, to create her. In due course, Zeus presented  Pandora to Epimetheus. She came with a beautiful container and instructions not  to open it for any reason. But of course she did, thereby freeing every evil, allowing  each to proliferate.

 This box, filled with malignities, is the Internet, where we may all find every evil any  time we go online. However, there is one last thing in the box, the thing that makes all  the difference. There is hope... hope that we may yet cleanse the menace and restore  its utility and integrity. That is what Arianna Huffington has done... and what each  of us must do. That is the power of hope, a power that can change the world if  we will but do what is so clear and necessary.

About the Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is the author of over a dozen print publications, several ebooks and over one thousand online articles. Republished with author's permission by Glen Brink:

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Take Care,

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