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Last night Howard, a Boot Camp alumni wrote,
   " I have 5 people to call tomorrow to close the sale.
     I followed your suggestions and now 80% of the people
     I contact accept my friendship.  I love my life"

I don't have a lot of time here, so I'll be brief.

48 hours ago, Facebook disconnected their main feature for
locating new people and it has millions of people bummed out.
But not Howard.
Who can blame them.
What good is being part of a social network with 250 million
people if you can't find new friends and business contacts?
Over 3500 emails hit my office before 1 PM yesterday from
students wanting to know what they should do.
Howard wasn't worried because he know's I'll solve everyone's
problems.  I ALWAYS DO.
After all, they don't call me the Father of Social Networking and the
Master of Internet Prospecting for nothing. 
The GOOD NEWS is that I've been sitting on 4 new methods for
connecting with perfect prospects on Facebook that have NOT
BEEN AFFECTED by their recent changes and was going to release
them in January. 
And when you know what they are, you can still add 1 person a
day to your business on Facebook RIGHT NOW.
You can learn all 4 methods and so much more in my upcoming
Social Networking Mastery Boot Camp that begins on Saturday,
October 3rd at 3 PM EDT.  I'll record all the sessions for your
easy viewing if you can't attend them all.
But you have to ACT FAST.
You see, yesterday I opened this Boot Camp up to another 100
people and 85 seats were filled by 9 PM last night.  I've never had
an event fill up this fast.  So there are ONLY 15 seats remaining
and I expect them to go by noon today.
I hope you're one of the Lucky 15 People to participate.
To be honest, MySpace and the new upgrades and features they've
added in the last 3 weeks is looking better all the time and may soon
replace Facebook as the number one web site on the planet.
But with my NEW Facebook strategies, you'll STILL have direct
access to HALF A BILLION people despite the recent Facebook changes. 

This is a BRAND NEW LIVE Training Series with material I haven't shared
with anyone else and material I'm creating RIGHT NOW that will give you
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the 10 Steps to Facebook and MySpace Mastery.
During 6 LIVE Sessions you will learn:
     How to overcome the NEW Facebook changes and take advantage
     of the NEW MySpace upgrades.
     The 1 simple strategy you can start using after session 1
to effortlessly attract new distributors and customers to

How to attract the highest quality people who are actually
ready to BUY from YOU.

How to have a profile that compels new prospects AND
seasoned network marketers to connect with you and want
to do business with you.

The best-kept Top Income Earner Secret you can learn to
IMMEDIATELY sign up more distributors even if you've NEVER
made money before in your business.

The 10 Simple Questions that Qualify every prospect and
Eliminates rejection.

The #1 thing you can do on Facebook and MySpace to have as
     much business as you want and how you can do it daily.

Exactly which recently added tools on Facebook and MySpace you can USE
     IMMEDIATELY to generate instant interest in you and your business.

How to communicate with your Facebook and MySpace friends and guarantee
     they will read 100% of your messages every time.
And so much more... You can learn all about it by visiting:
Take the 1 payment option, use the Coupon Code - ( LIFELINE )
and you'll save $100.
Because you're on my mailing list, you can participate at a much lower
price than others have paid.
Don't be left out. Register NOW. ONLY 15 seats remain.

Warmest Regards,

Max Steingart
The Father of Social Networking

P.S. If you'd like me to personally coach you.
Go To :  www.maxsteingart.com/coaching
and I'll put you in this Boot Camp for free

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