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"How you will know you are smack in the middle of the miracle zone, is that your choices will make no logical sense whatsoever.  Now your mind is not in the way of what the life has orchestrated."  J. Hough

Hi there sunshine...... Ya know, I've had some major changes happen in my life lately......and some of the choices I have made, would make no sense whatsoever to some of those closest to me.  What I have found is that THAT is where the juiciness of life lies.....when I am willing to give up thinking I know how it's supposed to go or worrying about the judgements of others.  I highly recommend that you listen to Joe and Jen's recent SOUL Radio Show on Juicy Relationships (it's no charge).....and it's awesome


SOUL Whispers - Relationships are the perfect place to find multitudes of opportunities to give up being righteous.  We love to figure the other person out....somehow it feels safe.  However, I discovered how magical it is to actually allow another person to contribute their own way of seeing the world, to my life.  It adds flavour, dimension and richness.  I love to give up being right for that kind of juiciness and adventure any day of the week.


LET GO OF THE OARS:  Surviving our relationships is unnecessary.  If you are going to love someone, you might as well give up being you can see the millions of contributions that your partner, friend, lover or spouse has in store for you......just because you allow them to be themselves.....and you choose to see them as a gift.



  .What if those that love you could make your world 3D High Def...xoxo  The Sister of Soul

An Evening with Jennifer and Joe - Joyful Juicy Relationships that Rock - October 8th at 7pm....the Markham Train Station - 16th and Main in markham.....Find out more....

Joyful Juicy Drama Free Relationships - recording for our participants anywhere in the world - with Jennifer Hough and Joe Noonan



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